Figure 5.

Prediction of ICU mortality by increased liver stiffness at admission. (A) Kaplan-Meier survival curves of ICU patients are displayed, showing that patients with liver stiffness values of the upper quartile (> 17 kPa, black) at admission have an increased mortality at the ICU as compared to patients with liver stiffness of the lower quartile (< 7 kPa, grey) or of the middle 50% (dotted line). P-values and log-rank tests are given in the figure. (B) Analysis as in A, using a cut-off liver stiffness of 18 kPa (black line: > 18 kPa, grey line: < 18 kPa). (C) Analysis as in B, excluding the ICU patients with decompensated liver cirrhosis. (D-E) Liver stiffness measurements at Days 3 or 7 do not predict ICU mortality.

Koch et al. Critical Care 2011 15:R266   doi:10.1186/cc10543
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