Figure 3.

Mortality by end of infusion protein C level in PROWESS [9] and ENHANCE [10]. Patients were included if they had a baseline protein C measure. Day 4 protein C was classified as end of infusion. If the protein C level on day 4 was not available, then last observation carried forward values were used for classification. In this scale, >80% is a normal protein C level and ≤40% is half or less of the lower limit of normal. DrotAA, drotrecogin alfa (activated); ENHANCE, Extended Evaluation of Recombinant Human Activated Protein C, drotrecogin alfa (activated); N, total number of patients in each group; PROWESS, Recombinant Human Activated Protein C Worldwide Evaluation in Severe Sepsis.

Vangerow et al. Critical Care 2007 11(Suppl 5):S4   doi:10.1186/cc6155